May 25, 2024

“Experts predict Suzlon Energy stock to reach Rs 200, learn more here”

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Expert’s view on Suzlon Energy stock

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new and fresh article. Today through this article we will know about the important news related to the share of Suzlon Energy. Suppose you are an investor or want to invest in this company. If you plan to do this, this news can be very important and good and beneficial for you. Absolutely friends, you are looking very festive. To read this news, read this news comfortably and keep your mind steady, and then read it below. Please share your opinion in the given comment.


Suzlon Energy


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Let us not waste your time at all, we will discuss it as we move ahead, but before proceeding further, we would like to request to you again. If you have visited our website for the first time and want to get updates related to the stock market, then join us on WhatsApp. Do it because we keep trying to bring such information as fast as possible every day.



Suzlon Energy stock price

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Suzlon’s shares rose over 4% after the budget. The green energy sector is growing rapidly. Sumit Bagadia of 24 Broking advised a stop loss of ₹ 45 and potential target levels of ₹ 55 to ₹ 60. Other stocks are performing well too.


Suzlon energy stock buy or sell

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But it is also going to be very important to understand the valuation and business model, hence we were looking at the fundamentals of the company through the table. I have a request to you before making any investment plan, take the advice of your financial advisor and do not make any investment by watching the news. Do not prepare any plan, this information is given only for knowledge. We do not have any opinion about giving any investment advice. Let us have a look through the financial table of this company.


Suzlon energy stock analysis



Market cap ₹ 64,831 crore
Current price  ₹ 48.2
High/Low ₹ 48.3/6.95
Stock P/E 131
Book Value ₹ 2.53
Dividend Yield 0.00%
ROCE 20.8%
Face Value ₹ 2.00
Profit after tax ₹ 495 crore
Promoter holding 13.3%
Profit growth 893%
Industry P/E 49.0
Returns in 3 years 99.6%
Profit Variation 3 years 27.4%
Loan ₹ 146 crore
Debt-Equity Ratio 0.04
Reserves ₹ 690 crore
Current assets ₹ 4,457 crore
Presently given ₹ 2,266 crore
Earning Yield 1.10%
current ratio 1.97
Return in 3 months 40.7%
Quarterly sales ₹ 1,560 crore


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“DISCLAIMER: This article is only for educational and knowledge purposes Before taking any decision plz once consult with your financial advisor or do your own research. The website would not be responsible for any financial gain as well as for losses. I am not SEBI registered.”

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